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Программное обеспечения и дополнительные устройства

Netman 101/102 plus

Network agent

NetMan is an agent that enables UPS management and control across a LAN 10/100 Mb. It can use any of the main network communication protocols: SNMP, TCP/IP, HTTP and so on. NetMan allows you to easily integrate the UPS into medium and large sized networks and provide reliable communications for centralized and decentralized management.

Online Demo NetMan Plus

  • Compatible with 10/100Mbps Ethernet and IPv4/6 networks.
  • Compatible with PowerShield² and Teleguard.
  • SNMP with RFC1628 for PowerNETGuard and NMS connectivity.
  • HTTP for UPS monitoring by means of web browser.
  • SMTP for detailed Email reporting of alarms and UPS status.
  • Provides a serial port for UPS monitoring.
  • Modem management for Teleguard and PowerShield².
  • Data and event logging capabilities for historical monitoring.
  • BootP protocol to start computers through TCP/IP.
  • Other standards supported: DHCP, DNS, RARP, FTP, NTP, ICMP, IGMP.
  • Configurable via multiuser multisession Telnet and Serial terminal, with export/import capabilities.
  • Firmware upgradeable through the serial port and TFTP networking.