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MultiSwitch ATS

16 A

Multi Switch ATS guarantees power operating continuity. The usage of ATS guarantees higher reliability then a single UPS with a bypass.

Multi Switch ATS permits to power up to 8 x 10A IEC load or 1 x 16A IEC from 2 power supplies line (either from the grid or UPS). It is able to connect the loads to one of the 2 input lines and meanwhile to monitor the consumption.

Multi Switch ATS can switch-off each group of output power-plugs separately.

In case of load malfunctions (e.g. short-circuit) the Multi Switch ATS disconnects the plugs where the load is connected, avoiding to disconnect other loads.

In case one of the 2 power supply is outside the tolerance range then the Multi Switch ATS will run using the second source (the switch from one source to the second is instantaneous in case they are in phase sink).


  • Protection against power and load failure
  • Flexibility: ATS can be powered by 2 independent power sources (2 UPS, even different in size and type)
  • 19” rack compatible
  • Mimic panel
  • Supervision by PowerNetGuard
  • Compatible with Powershield3
  • Communication card slot